The Team responsible for Red Crystal

David Cropley

Inventor & Managing Director of Red Propaganda

David is the inventor of Red Crystal patent-pending technology and team leader on all creative executions on any Red Crystal campaign. A Software Engineer and senior digital marketing strategist, David combines a unique blend of creativity, smarts and planning to help you develop stunning campaigns in the out of home space.

Marc Enners

Sales & Marketing Director

Sales liaison with advertising partners, Marc also serves as a creative consultant and is available to field media and advertising enquiries on Red Crystal.

Maple Lin

Back End Development

Maple oversees Red Crystal’s code integrity and back end systems. With years of experience in developing robust, lightning fast systems, Maple is makes sure every Red Crystal campaign unfolds flawlessly.

Philip Beresford

Front End Development

Philip is responsible for the creative presentation across all digital displays. His responsibilities include ensuring flawless execution and interaction of all campaign elements.

Andrei Jach

Creative Ideation

Andrei’s experience as a seasoned digital marketer is the ideal skillset for creative input in Red Crystal campaign conception and to make sure every creative execution is to the highest standard of quality.

Griffyn Heels

Creative Ideation

Griffyn is an invaluable out of the box thinker and creative innovator. His inquisitive mind and fresh perspective on all things digital ensures all Red Crystal campaigns break new ground in the out of home digital advertising space.

David Liu

Responsive Development

David makes sure all creative elements resize according to the screen they’re shown on to ensure no matter the size or quality of the screen display, Red Crystal campaigns always look their best.

Oxana Savina


Lead designer on all Red Crystal and Red Propaganda imagery, Oxana ensures Red Crystal campaigns always look their best and are optimised for display advertising in the out of home space.

Kate Springall

Assistant Design

Kate assists Oxana in creative concept design and quality assurance for all image creative.